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Four middle aged men



As sportsmen and filmmakers we have set our goals high, aiming to rise from novice curlers to Olympians in just a few years while creating an extraordinary documentary that might inspire viewers to work toward their own dreams.


What began as a whim has evolved into respect and passion for the sport of curling - for the dedication it inspires, the skills it requires, and the friendships it fosters.  We want to spread our enthusiasm for curling across our hometown of Colorado Springs and beyond, inspiring communities to embrace this sport as a means to strengthen family ties and neighborly bonds.


Filming has required creative use of equipment (sliding down the ice on snowboards, sending cameras down the ice on stones and rigged to miniature tripods mounted to hockey pucks) to capture the game and complete access to the team at all times - even during our shellacking in national competition and a dressing-down by veteran players.  Our tale is the story of the underdog, of four regular Joes trying to reach for the stars.  And who hasn't at least thought about that?



The story

Four middle-aged regular Joes from Colorado decide to fulfill their childhood dreams of winning gold by learning to curl and setting their sights on the Olympics - less than 3 years away. They're met with amusement, disbelief and disdain by veteran curlers. While they prove they can hold their own in the social aspect of curling - staying through to last call night after night - but the intricacies of the game are harder to master than they imagined. They practice, they get uniforms, they pick up the subculture's lingo, and they go into each game and each competition with unbridled enthusiasm. Yet in the first year, game after game, they're massacred.


It's enough to make anyone quit. But which one? After a thorough and curse-filled dressing down by a local retired champion curler, the team picks up an unlikely mentor, who breaks down their style of play and game by making them start all over, at step one. It's a long road with this new leader, who has competed on the world stage, and he doesn't put up with their frat-boy shenanigans -- at first. Life becomes a series of 4 a.m. wake-up calls to throw stones in a frigid rink before heading to work, summer through winter. And then the team sticks their collective neck out again, entering a regional competition that could lead them to the Olympic stage.


If there's one thing the guys have learned, it's that life is what you make it. You can sit on the couch and watch, or get off the couch and participate, compete, make friends, create your destiny. And these guys aren't sitting around watching.



Clips & Trailers

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who decided to make it

To the Olympics

The Mission

In a sport they had

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What is curling?

Chess on ice

Talking the talk




Eight end


 A stone barely touching the 12-foot ring.

The smallest ring in the house. Two feet in diameter, also called the "pot".




Hog line


The rule that states that an opponent's rock cannot be removed from play until four rocks have come to rest.

The pieces of rubber you push off from at either end of the sheet.

The last shot of the end.

The thick black line 33 feet from the hack.

 The area within the outside circle at either end of the sheet.





tee line

This means to sweep immediately.

The frozen bumps on the ice that the stones ride on.

Curling is often referred to as “chess on ice”.  It is a sport in which players slide granite rocks across a sheet of ice 150 feet away towards a target area which is segmented into four rings. Two teams, with four players, alternate turns sliding heavy, polished granite stones across the ice curling sheet towards the house, a circular target marked on the ice. Each team has eight stones. The purpose is to accumulate the highest score for a game; points are scored for the stones resting closest to the centre of the house (the button) at the conclusion of each end, which is completed when both teams have thrown all of their stones. A game may consist of ten or eight ends.


The curler can induce a curved path by causing the stone to slowly turn as it slides, and the path of the rock may be further influenced by two sweepers with brooms who accompany it as it slides down the sheet, using the brooms to alter the state of the ice in front of the stone. A great deal of strategy and teamwork goes into choosing the ideal path and placement of a stone for each situation, and the skills of the curlers determine how close to the desired result the stone will achieve.

additional info

 A curling tournament.

The captain of the team.

A shot thrown hard enough to remove another stone from play. Also called a "HIT".

The line that intersects the house at the center line.

An end where all eight stones are counting.

When sixteen stones have come to rest, similar to an inning in baseball.

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